This is a game I started making back in November 2015. The idea was to put it out as a simple game for iOS. I got quite far in the development until I started to show it to players and soon I realized that the players didn't understand the controls on the phone (you were supposed to tap on the screen and not follow your finger). I still wanted to finish the game, but lost interest on it during the spring time, mainly because I realized that I really, really, don't like mobile games or making them.

Main lessons learned:

  • Do not create an isometric, side scroller, game in 2D (layering objects is hell in 2D space)
  • Test mobile games early, even if it's just blocks on your screen

Finally I decided to kill the game to get some closure for the project; so here it is in its last shape.

Either use arrow keys to move up and down, or click with mouse above or below the boat to move up/down.

If the game is too cropped, you can access with it a direct link here:

Code by @fatsopanda
Artwork by @ivdza_


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does the game have sound?

Unfortunately not :(
For the last 3 weeks I told myself I will add some, but didn't honestly have the time or interest for it.

XD, I just wanted to make sure everything was running as expected